Design and Create Your ‘Signature Perfume’

To Capture the Essence of Your Being 


Using beautiful botanical extracts and essential oils sourced from around the world.

Imagine the dark rich earthy scent of cacao wrapped in citrus, spices, woods and florals such as jasmine or rose enhanced with the delectable boozy notes of vanilla co2...


A Citrus burst with the exotic and evocative aroma of cardamom, warm balsamic notes along side the rich, sweet full bodied complex notes of organic dark patchouli, enhanced by your favourite florals...

There are 100's if not 1000's of combinations that can be created!

- Embrace your femininity and sensuality
- Build your confidence
- Be Empowered

BE Unforgettable and Unapologetically YOU!


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I will show you how to create a beautiful botanical and non-toxic perfume using essential oils and botanical extracts, unlike designer and commercial perfumes which are made up of synthetic ingredients and alcohol.


A message from a lady who attended our last workshop in Sydney

"I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s amazing experience. Your beautiful welcoming energy fills the room and I felt at home the moment I stepped in. Cleopatra would give away all her gold and gems for you to be her perfumer. You did not only guide us with every step towards creating our signature scents, you also shared your extensive knowledge and mission to educate us on the differences between natural oils and synthetic lab constructed copies.

I got back home yesterday with a multitude of positive emotions, evoked by the journey of scent we explored with you. With the curiosity of comparison I went straight to my room to smell the designer brand perfumes I have, and my nose was repelled with the first sniff. They have paled into insignificance. It felt like sitting in a closed room watching someone travel the world on television while you could be out in the real world doing the travelling yourself. My mind was still soaking up Gourmand, tingling with Spice and floating on a breeze of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. My sense of smell has been spoiled with real luxury, thanks to you.

I created my scent with thought and energy, put a necklace around her neck, then toasted her birth over a box of divine chocolate as she materialised into the beautiful thing she is. She’s only going to grow more beautiful with experience and age. Today I feel empowered by the scent I created, and most importantly I feel joyful and very grateful. I will not be seen wondering around perfume shops and department stores to find the ‘one’ anymore, nor will I be keeping any perfume I had bought before. My mission now is to spoil those I care for by leading them into the real world of scent, while for me the journey has only started and I will be travelling, exploring and creating more and more."

With lots of appreciation and love
Diala xxx


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Some of the benefits of Natural Perfumery include:

- Feel beautiful, this is a natural occurance when you resonate with your signature perfume

- Experience the power and pleasure of your unique scent

- A specialised perfume to enhance your mind, body and soul

- Raise your Vibration

- Up level your business and performance

- Improvement of the psychological and emotional wellbeing - a combination of reducing stress levels and increasing the arousal levels of attentiveness and alertness

- Reduce tension and anxiety


What you receive during this 3 hour parley:

- Introduction to perfume blending, covering the basic principles of blending to create your own signature perfume
- Identify your personal and favourite essential oil notes (top, middle and base)
- Enjoy the experience of creating one-of-a kind perfume, I will guide you every step of the way
- Your 5ml anointing Eau de Parfum in a base of organic jojoba oil 
We close the day with a glass of bubbles and chocolate treats as you celebrate 'Capturing the Essence of You' in your unique 'Bespoke' perfume.




Book you place HERE TODAY

Numbers are limited to 6 due to individualised attention given to each attendee 

Full Price is $297 AUD


  • Full day deluxe workshop is $697.00 AUD Find out more here 


Embrace your Femininity and be Unforgettable 


Where: Byron Bay 

When: Saturday 6th May

Time: 1.00pm 4.30pm


Where: Sydney 

When: Saturday 27th May 2017

Time: 11.30 pm- 3.00pm


I look forward to seeing you there!


What women are saying ~ 

Dear Julie,
I am still on a high after spending the day with you. I've told everyone I know about the unique experience you give. It was an amazing day.
Next time we see each other I'd love to grab some business cards to hand out to people.
Happy Sunday
Sarah xx

Dear Julie thank you, thank you, thank you! This was my first opportunity to play with so many essential oils. Delicious, sumptuous, exquisite and I love my personalised perfume - it is exactly what I was hoping to make today...very, very, sensuous! I can't wait to see how it matures.
~ Jo

Thank you so much Julie for a wonderful day full of fun and laughter. I am over the moon with my perfume.
~ Lots of love Renee

Dear Julie, Thank you for a beautiful day. I have learnt so much about myself, and I can't wait to start dabbing my perfume on my shoulders.
~ Love Jennie

Dear Julie Patchouli (my nickname for some), thank you for a unique, educational and girlie womanly feminine workshop.
~ With Love Miriam

Thank you Julie for a wonderful, fun and exciting workshop!
'Clarity' is here.
~Blessings Zoe (Heart 2 Shine)

Perfume Reviews

Loving my Sacred Perfume Julie ~ Bev Roberts of Living Fabulously with Bev

I am loving my perfume Julie ~ Trish Everette, Business and Personal Coach

Julie is Fabulous and her blends are heavenly and she is on list to work with again! ~ Julie Gibbons of Tractor Girl Viz Biz

I am so in love with my perfume, I use it everyday and everyday I love it more and more! ~ Lana Blue of Lana Blue Tantra


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