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Luxury Scent Branding

Have you ever thought about Scent Branding for your business?

Whether it be your clinic, office, home, you do face to face or online..

Use your Signature Business Scent to create your desired ambience and improve your clients experience and your own performance.


You want to have your own fragrance range to sell and I can help you create it! 

Large corporations and shopping centres have long used the power of scent to influence and enhance their customers and clients experience. 

Scent Branding and Styling is not just for large businesses!

Sacred Goddess Perfume Collection

Unlock your Sacred Feminine Essence and transcend into conscious bliss

'Sacred Goddess' is a range that has taken me a year to perfect. In my mind I wanted to create a perfume that is for the divine and sacred woman.
To represent and evoke a woman who is greatly admired for her beauty, grace and elegance.

A female deity if you like.

Five beautifully crafted perfumes to evoke and  enhance The Sacred Goddess in you!


Scents of Purpose Living Workshop

This is a living workshop where we will work together for 7 weeks to discover your Signature Scents of Purpose.

During this time we have weekly group calls, plus you work with me more intimately 1:1 to connect with your Signature Scents.


She Makes Scents ~ Signature Perfume

Surprise Your Guests ann Book A She Makes Scents Aroma Bar For Your Next Event

When it comes time to plan your next party or event, give your guests something they will never forget - a handcrafted 5ml flacon of their own Signature Perfume.


Enjoy a Parley with Artisan Perfumer Julie Nelson and together you create your own Signature Perfume.


Create Your Own Signature Perfume Workshop

Create Your Own Signature Perfume Perfume Workshop

Your signature perfume contains your beautiful essence of being. There is no doubt on this as science has been telling us for 100 years that everything is energy. That is why having a signature perfume created by you or for you is an extension of you.

Use your signature perfume to up-level your life both personally and professionally with abundance, love and gratitude!



Bespoke Signature Perfumes

Your Bespoke Signature Perfume is so much more than an exquisite fragrance, it is honouring your 'Beautiful Feminine Self'.

There is no perfume that can compare to one designed and created for you and only you.



Coco~Eau de Perfumes

Coco~Eau de Perfumes is a beautiful handcrafted range with a cacao influence, simply stunning!

Not only do you smell divine, these natural perfumes uplift your emotions, promote confidence, are sexy and sensual.

Beautiful, Decadent and Exquisite! Definitely for the lovers of all things chocolate.

Decants (samples) and 50ml bottles are availble on request

Made with pure essential oils and botanical extracts.

Aromatique Essentials products are free of synthesised chemicals, no animal testing and vegan friendly.


Ethereal Perfumes

Twelve Spell binding and enchanting anointing perfumes to transform and transport you to the heart of your desires.

Breathe in the magick of these aromatique creations to ignite your life force!



Enchanteresse Anointing Perfumes

Aromatique Essentials ' Enchanteresse Anointing Perfumes' have been created with divine, exotic and rare essential oils from around the world.


Natural Organic Lip Balms

Don't YOUR lips deserve some luxury?
Keep them Kissable with these luxury lip balms.

Whether it is cold and windy, as it is right now or warm and dry your lips need protection!

Rich, silky, natural and organic, Aromatique Essentials lip balms soften, nourish, moisturise and protect your lips. 

A seasonal must that can be taken anywhere.

Essential Scents

3 beautiful aromatherapy scents to restore and excite your senses.

Perfect to use as a body or room spray!




Two exquisite books to immerse yourself in.

Femme Fatale:

This ebook is filled with all things feminine.  You will love reading it and no doubt return to it time and time again.

My Aromatique Journal:

This journal can be filled out online line or downloaded and printed. Filled with beautiful images, inspiring quotes, gorgeous perfume recipes and more! Use this lush journal to Write down your experiences as you journey through the magickal world of scent. 



Essential Oil Video training Series

Discover the power of Aromatherapy with Julie Nelson~

These training videos have been designed for people interested in learning how to use essential oils safely and with confidence for home use and the workplace environment . A valuable reference that can be a part of your library for as long as you want. 

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatique plant extracts used for healing, relaxation and general health and wellbeing to improve your quality of life. Essential oils are volatile substances of great structural complexity.

Essential oils play and important role in our everyday lives,as they are in perfumes, cosmetics and many other products that are used in the home and work[place.

The history of Aromatherapy dates back thousands of years, and aromatique herbs, woods and resins
have been used extensively by most cultures through the ages for religious and medicinal purposes as well as perfumes. It has only been in the last hundred years, with the advances in chemistry that synthetic fragrances to some extent have replaced the use of natural, plant-derived aromas in perfumes and foodstuffs.

Each webinar takes you through two essential oils in depth. You will learn their properites, what conditions they benefit, when and how to use them and be given a myriad of recipes to use, to create perfumes, assist with wound healing, manage pain, general first aid, relaxation, stress, anxiety, tension and depression.

Individual blends are applied to the body via massage or topical application or essential oils can be used in steam inhalations, hand and foot baths, poultices and compresses and evaporating them in oilburners and diffusers.

Both aromatherapy students and post graduate aromatherapy practitioners will also find these webinars a very valuable reference to have at hand for clinical situations.

Testimonial from a qualified Aromatherapist:




Aromatherapy Consultations and Life Styling

Are you struggling to know what essential oils to use?

Help me help you to learn and understand what essential oils are best suited to you emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Sacred Perfume Mentoring Session

Your Sacred Perfume mentoring session is a very specific consult to help you gain clarity around your desired goals and purpose. We dig deep whether it be personal or for business.

What people are saying:

Julie created a personalised aromatherapy perfume for me. Oh my goodness, it’s divine. I worked in aromatherapy for years, including as a blending tutor, and I honestly don’t know how Julie does what she does! She intuited my personal blend and happened upon all of my favourite oils without me telling her a thing. When combined they were like a symphony, like wearing magic. She is extraordinary! Thank you xo

~ L.Foley




Aromatherapy, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot

Personalised reading accompanied with an aromatique interpretation and perfume or massage oil.

Package 1. Personalised birth chart reading and perfume

Package 2. Relationship synastry and essensual massage oil

Package 3. Tarot reading and perfume

Numerolgy coming soon!


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