Tantric Goddess $190.00

code: TANT021542

A sensual blend that is perfect for a romantic rendezvous and intimate moments, 'Tantra' in a bottle.

There is only this moment now, open yourself to transcendent intimacy, enhance your inner knowing, bring the power of fragrance to beautify your spiritual experience of making love.

Re-connect with your inner self and your lover

Enjoy deeper sexual experiences and greater intimacy, raise your vibration, experience an increased level of sexual energy ecstasy, bliss and pleasure that flow into your daily life.

Creating deeper feelings and sensations in your body not only feels good, it changes the way you relate with yourself and your beloved 

Perfume ingredients:

Vanilla CO2 

Jasmine absolute

Patchouli absolute

Rose Damasc absolute

Rose floral water 

50ml flacon atomiser

Tantric Goddess is available as a massage body oil on request.

Tantric Goddess

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