Bespoke Perfume Luxury $1,000.00

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Be Unforgettable and enjoy a touch of luxury everyday.

All it takes is a few drops or a gentle spray of your custom made perfume and you are wrapped in an unquestionable veil of euphoria. Your Bespoke Aromatique Perfume is luxuriously created with love and passion to evoke your unique self. 

Open your heart and arouse your soul for you are a unique individual and deserve to celebrate your beautiful self and your magnificence.

Your Signature Perfume is so much more than an exquisite fragrance. It's about honouring your sacred feminine self.

There is no perfume that can compare to one designed and created especially for you. Your perfume is unique to you and only you.

In preparation for your perfume creation I want to know as much as I can about you, so that your personality and how you desire to feel and experience is evoked when you wear your Bespoke Perfume, it is your signature. When crafting your perfume my intention is to ‘Capture the Essence of You’ and place it in a bottle.

Why have a bespoke perfume made especially for you?
You are a unique individual and deserve to celebrate your beautiful self.

Mark a special occasion such as your wedding day, birthday, Mothers day, giving birth or simply because you can.

On completing your purchase you will receive a detailed perfume profile questionnaire via email. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. Send back to me within 48 hours.

We then set up a time to have an online or phone consultation up to 30 minutes. (You can be anywhere in the world for this).

From here, I begin the process of creating 2 perfume samples that I send off to you. What you receive is 2 x 2ml perfume vials numbered 1 and 2 in separate sealed bags. I allow one week upon receipt for you to choose your favourite perfume sample. We set up a date and time for your 2nd online or phone consultation or you can come to me (this 2nd consultation is for up to 45 minutes duration). This consultation allows you to ask any questions you may have and gives me the opprotunity to discuss any changes that may need to be done. I then make your Signature Perfume, allow it to synergise for 6 weeks before it is posted to you as I may feel it needs more work.

Only the highest quality of true essential oils and natural ingredients have been sourced and selected from all around the world and, Aromatique Essentials products are free from potentially harmful synthetic ingredients, there is no animal testing. 

True Rose or Neroli (orange blossom) floral water is used as a base.

How it arrives:

Packaged in a 50ml glass flacon, used to store your bespoke perfume, a gorgeous vintage riedel pink glass perfume bottle (Value $200) to decant your signature perfume into a bit at a time and a 15ml atomiser to fill and take with you where ever you go.

Plus you receive your signature perfume presented as a 5 ml anointing perfume (50% dilution) that will give you the conveience of taking your perfume with you, all you need is one drop.

Your perfume comes with a personal note listing each essential oil and what it represents. Your formula is kept on file for you to reorder anytime and can be used to create a range of bespoke products including body creams, lotions, bath salts, body oils and room sprays. 

Eau de Perfume  50ml re-order is $400 

I would be honoured to create your signature perfume and beauty products.

Gift Certificates can be purchased for this service which includes a consultation and questionnaire form

Gift Certificates are valid for 3 months from time of purchase.






Bespoke Perfume Luxury

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