She Makes Scents Aroma Bar

Aromatique Essentials, purveyors of luxury perfumes will set up a She Makes Scents Aroma Bar in a designated area. 

Guests fill out the information on a short questionnaire, and Artisan Perfumer Julie Nelson will hand-craft a perfume that is unique to the wearer. Julie has been a qualified practicing aromatherapy consultant and educator for 20 years, and Artsan Perfumery is an extension of her art which she has been doing for as long.

Sights and sounds are always an integral part of any social gathering ~ it makes sense to add She Makes Scents.

Studies have shown that pleasing fragrances can instantly change a person’s demeanor.

“Scent has the power to lift our mood, evoke emotions and memories, and enhance our sense of well-being... a beautiful perfume is magic in a bottle.” 

  • Creating pefumes is what I love to do says Julie

A custom perfume specifically created to connect with that person’s essence of being will add a unique and memorable twist to any event. Sara Zucchi, executive at the Red Agency, who had the Aroma Bar at a recent client launch said:

“Everyone really appreciated having something created specifically for them - it  made them feel extra special. The interactive experience offered the launch that little bit extra pizazz and left people talking. I cannot recommend Julie enough!”


She Makes Scents Aroma Bar will:

  •      Be on site for 3 hours or more
  •      Julie will create 5mL vial of personalised perfume for each guest
  •      10mL and 15mL available on request 


Other options include serving of High Tea alongside delicious cakes, sandwiches, and a champagne toast.

She Makes Scents Aroma Bar is perfect for:

  •      Christmas Parties
  •      Hens Parties
  •      Girls Night Out
  •      Corporate Events
  •      Business launches

Packages begin at $2000 for up to 15 guests. Then just $88 per guest here after for a 5mL signature Eau de Parfum.

Book your event here

For Further information contact: Julie on

OR phone: 0488 533 019



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