Host a Perfume Soirée

Perfume is Power & Pleasure



I will take you and your guests on an aromatique journey to experience the power and pleasure of beautiful botanical perfumes ~ 

There are 4 handcrafted luxury perfume collections to choose from for your Soirée

  • Sacred Goddess Perfume Collection
  • Coco Eau de Perfume Collection
  • Enchanteress Anointing Perfumes
  • Ethereal Anonting Perfumes

Each collection has a story and each perfume has it's own evocative energy to embrace and unleash

I work with you to stage a deliciously decadent event that suits the theme you are wanting to work towards. 

  • There is no cost for this event
  • A minimum of 6 guests to book an event


BOOK Your Perfume Soirée email me on

or call me on 0488 533 019



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In my 2 decades of working with the power of scent for the mind, moods and emotions there are 4 key points that always standout with what women want:

- Build their confidence

- Reconnect with and magnify their feminine essence

- Embrace their sensuality  

- Feel empowered and powerful.


Perfume Collections 


Sacred Goddess Perfume Collection ~ 

Unlock your Sacred Feminine Essence and transcend into conscious bliss

In my mind I wanted to create a perfume collection that honours the divine and sacred woman.
To represent and evoke a woman who is greatly admired for her beauty, grace and elegance.

A female deity if you like.

There are five beautifully crafted botanical perfumes to evoke and enhance the 'Sacred Goddess' in you!

The purpose of this range is to conjure and magnetise your feminine essence, sensuality, confidence and inner beauty. 

Find out more about the Sacred Goddess Collection HERE


Coco Eau de Parfums Collection ~ 

A beautiful collection with a cacao influence, simply stunning!

These perfumes arouse the soul, they are sensual and sexy unocking the hiddens mysteries of the divine feminine. Truly evocative and exotic with a hint of decadence.

There are 4 of these decadent and luscious perfumes to indulge in.

Find out more about Coco Eau de Parfums HERE


Enchanteresse Anointing Perfumes ~

Euphoric and divinely enchanting this collection evokes love, adoration and pleasure. 

Find out more about The Enchanteresse Anointing Perfumes HERE


Ethereal Anointing Perfumes ~ 

Twelve Spell binding and enchanting anointing perfumes to transform and transport you to the heart of your desires.

Breathe in the magick of these aromatique creations to ignite your life force!

'Ethereal' is a beautiful range inspired by my connection to the Faerie realm.

Find out more about Ethereal Anointing Perfumes HERE


BOOK your Perfume Soiree Today email me on or call me on 0488 533 019


I look forward to creating an unforgettable day with you!

~ Julie Nelson


  • Aromatique Essentials products are free of synthesised chemicals, no animal testing and are vegan friendly.







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