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'Your Scents' training video series has been designed for people interested in learning how to use Aromatherapy safely and, with confidence for home use and the workplace environment. A valuable reference that can be a part of your library for as long as you want. 


Aromatherapy is the use of aromatique plant extracts used for healing, relaxation and general health and wellbeing to improve your quality of life. Essential oils are volatile substances of great structural complexity. They play an 
important role in our everyday lives, as they are in perfumes, cosmetics and many other products that are used in the home and workplace. 
The history of Aromatherapy dates back thousands of years, and aromatique herbs, woods and resins 
have been used extensively by most cultures through the ages for religious and medicinal purposes as well as perfumes. It has only been in the last hundred years, with the advances in chemistry that synthetic fragrances to some extent have replaced the use of natural, plant-derived aromas in perfumes and foodstuffs. 

Each video takes you through two essential oils in depth. You will learn their properites, what conditions they will benefit, when and how to use them and be given a myriad of recipes to use, to create perfumes, assist with wound healing, manage pain, general first aid, relaxation, stress, anxiety, tension and depression.

Individual blends are applied to the body via massage or topical application. Essential oils can be used as dry inhaltions, in steam inhalations, hand and foot baths, poultices and compresses and, evaporating them in oil burners and diffusers.

Aromatherapy students will also find these videos a very valuable reference to have at hand for clinical situations.


This series although quite extensive, does not qualify you to practice aromatherapy or use essential essential oils as an Aromatherapy Practitioner. This is an extensive introduction to 23 essential oils and how to use them safely in your home environment, for you and your familiy. If you would like to use in your workplace environment be mindful of other persons smell preferences and health conditions such as allergies and epilepsy.

I look forward to sharing my passion for Aromatherapy and Health and Wellbeing with you!

Julie Nelson


Dip. Aromatherapy, Cert.4 in Natural Beauty, Cert.4, Cat.2 in Training and Assessment for Adult Education


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